Friday, 15 July 2011

New opening hours for East Lothian libraries from 1st August 2011

As part of a move to make East Lothian Council libraries more responsive to the needs of East Lothian residents, Dunbar, North Berwick, Gullane and Musselburgh Libraries will extend their opening hours.

Usage of Dunbar Library has increased dramatically over the last few years and will now open for 36 hours a week (as opposed to the present 32 hours) as they prepare for their move to the new Dunbar Library at Countess Road, due to open in the Spring of 2012. By 2012/13, we hope to be able to open the new library all day on Saturday.

North Berwick Library will be open for an additional 4.5 hours, enabling the library to open at 9.30am instead of 10am during the week. It will also be open all day on Saturday and through lunchtimes all week. It will reduce its evening sessions to two evenings a week and those sessions will now end at 7pm.

Gullane Library is one of our best used smaller libraries and will increase its hours from 18 to 24 to give customers more opportunity to visit the library.

Musselburgh Library will now open for an extra ten hours a week to give 47.5 hours opening a week. We are going to open the library at 9.30am each morning, keep it open throughout the day (rather than closing at lunchtime) and also open on Saturday afternoons. As Musselburgh is the largest library in an urban area, evening opening will remain unchanged and the library will still be open three evenings until 7.30pm.

There will also be changes to the opening times of Wallyford, Tranent, Ormiston, East Linton and Longniddry Libraries. These changes are based on the way that readers in these areas use their local libraries.

The changes in opening hours should not incur any extra costs to the Libraries Service. They will take effect from 1 August 2011.

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Monday, 4 July 2011

New DVD Rental Scheme

We are launching a new DVD Rental Scheme from Monday 4th July.  Borrowers can rent a new release film for £2.50 for 2 nights, or an older film as well as TV dramas, TV series, documentaries, comedy, travel DVDs for £1.50 for a week’s rental.  Juniors can rent older films, TV Series and Dramas for £1.00 for a week. Our new release films are only available at Haddington and Musselburgh libraries for the trial period. Further information can be obtained from all local libraries.

Premium DVDs - Please note these DVDs cannot be reserved and the hire charge is £2.50 for 2 nights. Premium DVDs are currently only available in Haddington and Musselburgh libraries.

List of Premuim DVDs at Haddington Library.

List of Premium DVDs at Musselburgh Library.

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