Monday, 9 October 2017

National Poetry Day - Musselburgh Library Collaborative Poem

With a haiku here and a ballad there, we celebrated National Poetry Day on 28 October at Musselburgh Library. We embraced this year's freedom theme and invited our library community to share their thoughts on what freedom means to them.

For the week preceding NPD, we collected responses to the poser "Freedom is..." on our freedom tree which we then brought together to make our collaborative Musselburgh Freedom Poem - a tribute to freedom in our community's own words. A group of our Primary 6 friends at Loretto RC Primary School also got in on the act and shared their feelings on freedom which we made into a companion mini version.

Full Community Musselburgh Freedom Poem

Freedom is . . . 

Freedom is a windy walk on the beach.
Freedom is listening to the sea.
It’s hearing the waves crashing against the shore.
Freedom is surfing, walking and reading on the beach.

Freedom is when I am playing outside.
Freedom is being able to play.
Freedom is lying on top of a hill and looking at the vastness of the sky.
Sprinting… running in the park, riding on my scooter.

Freedom is playing in the garden, having fun.
Freedom is running and feeling the wind in my face, being as free as a horse.
Freedom is horse riding, walking the dog.
Freedom is going wherever I want to go.

Freedom is jumping in the car and leaving the city to explore the great outdoors.
Freedom is running in the mountains.
Freedom is chasing my son in the sunshine.
Freedom is my trampoline.

Freedom is going to the football.
It’s football at the park… running, playing football with my Dad.
Freedom is playing with Dylan, Sammy and Struan.
Freedom is love and peace.

Freedom is drawing, doodling, summer colouring.
It’s getting dressed after school.
Freedom is going to the library.
Freedom is to read books, run around and be free.

Freedom is following your heart,
And when your actions mirror the desire of your heart.
Freedom is a right, not a gift.
Freedom is not as free as you think!

Freedom is being home.
Freedom is being on the sofa!
It’s forgetting about the housework!
Freedom is my iPad and watching My Little Pony on TV.

Freedom is to watch my kids grow up in peace.
Freedom is no kids.
Freedom is not staying with bad people.
Freedom is that Christ set us free by dying on the cross.

Freedom is Independence!
Freedom is writing in my diary.
Freedom is getting out of jail!
Freedom means you are free. WooWee!

Freedom is doing what I want, when I want.
Freedom is choosing my own destiny.
Freedom is being retired and not having to go out to work.
Freedom is a bus pass.

Freedom is getting up whenever I like!
It’s being able to make my own decisions and choices.
Freedom is dancing when nobody is watching.
Freedom is bra off, PJs on, gin in hand.

Freedom is peace of mind.
True freedom is unconventional and scarier than you’d think.
Freedom is about everything (but not orange).
It’s about happiness, peace, love and space.

Freedom is choice.

Loretto RC Primary 6 Poem

Freedom is football and chilling.
Freedom is life, love and comfort.
Freedom is peace and independence.
Freedom is getting your own time, time away from everyone.

Freedom is calm, it’s relaxing.
Nothing to do, no one to bother you, no problems in life.
Freedom is doing whatever you want,
But knowing that there may be a few rules to keep you safe.

Freedom is being entitled to have many different opportunities.
Freedom is loving someone and letting them be free.
Freedom is not being caged or manually controlled.
Freedom is wild horses running free, galloping peacefully in a valley.

Freedom is going on holiday and relaxing in the sun.
It’s being free outside,
And not being told what to do.
Freedom is getting out at the weekend after being stuck in the house.

Freedom is finishing a hard task then being free to do what you want.
Freedom is choices.
Freedom is knowing what you want to do.
Freedom is knowing what you want to know, when you want to know it.

Freedom is a time when the world has no problems.
It’s being free from something.
Freedom is expressing your feelings, 
and showing the world what you are and what you are made of.

Freedom is love.

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