Monday, 23 March 2015

Butterflies on the move in Haddington library

Butterflies on the Move

Haddington Library, John Gray Centre, 20th March – 8th April 2015

The mystery of the Butterflies sculpture, made from books, which were anonymously found in cultural locations in Edinburgh in 2011 were given as gifts to the people in the city of Edinburgh. The artist is unknown although thought to be a she.
The sculptures are made from old books and were accompanied by gift labels that praised literacy, the love of words, promoted libraries and supported the continuation of Art Funding. Ten of the sculptures toured Scotland in 2012. The Sculptor was commissioned to produce five more to be hidden in secret locations around Scotland.  The artist maintained her anonymity and made a further gift sculpture in 2012 and presented it to the Scottish Poetry Library.
The sculptures have gone on to be an internet sensation, the subject of a book and library artist trail.
In 2014 a flutter of butterflies flying from an open book (The Butterflies) was mysteriously donated and sold publically in aid of MacMillan Charity. The new owners have decided that the Butterflies should continue their journey and that the story should bring wonder and inspiration to a wider audience.
The Butterflies are owned by the MacKenzie Family, Leith, Edinburgh.
The journey of the Butterflies is sponsored by HiFi Corner and The Movie Rooms.

If you would like to send the sculptor your butterfly, pop into the library for instructions on how to make one.


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