Monday, 16 February 2015

Pilot season at the John Gray Centre

Pilot Season: new activities

 The John Gray Centre, Haddington, is introducing a 'pilot season' of events in February and March that you can try out. Let us know which you would like to do more of, as a course expanding on the theme, and we will commission further workshops and events for later in the year. Pilot season activities will cost £5 (£3 concession), and fully commissioned series later in the year will cost £10 (£7 conc) per session.

 Coming up we have:

 All materials provided and no prior skills required! Free refreshments during break.
All except the last session are at 10.30–12.30, in the Star Room, John Gray Centre. Suitable for: Adults; young adults Advanced booking required: 01620 820 680 or at the library

Collage workshop with artist Kate Temple: Thursday, 26 Feb
Investigate how images are transformed through collage, and explore ways of manipulating, reworking, reinterpreting and reassembling found and collected images.

Kate(freelance artist from the National Galleries of Scotland) says:
We’ll be looking at different examples of collage - ie: Surrealist & Dada collage/Pop art collage/Cubist collage/William Borroughs and the cut up/Hannah Hoch/contemporary collage etc - and then participants would make their own works. We will investigate the transformation of the image through collage and explore ways of manipulating; reworking, reinterpreting and reassembling found and collected images. I’ll provide the source materials, and, if we hold sessions beyond the pilot, there will be scope for participants to bring along their own materials.

·         Creative writing with Helen Boden: Thursday, 5 Mar
To celebrate World Book Day, we will use the art on display in the museum as a starting point for creative writing. Writing prompts and exercises, constructive feedback and refreshments will be provided. Led by writer and experienced workshop facilitator Helen Boden. Equally suitable for poets, fiction or memoir writers, or complete beginners!

·         Jewellery: re-imagined and recycled, with artist Lindsey Hamilton: Thursday 12 Mar
If you hate to throw things away, here’s your chance to recycle your hoarded trinkets into jewellery. From old buttons and beads to scraps of material or paper, get creative and give them a new lease of life as part of your wardrobe. Materials will also be supplied (in case you’re not a hoarder or need extras!)

·         Natural objects workshop with artist Tessa Asquith-Lamb: Tuesday, 9 Jun 6–9pm – special additional event
At this enjoyable workshop we will explore the hidden beauty of natural objects such as crystals, shells and plant forms inspired by our current exhibition of woodland art, ‘Remarkable Trees’. We will use a variety of materials, including collage and layering techniques, to create delicate drawings that express these intricate forms.



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