Thursday, 13 June 2013

We have a confession...

Homer is just desperate for some attention.

The dishes haven't been done in days.

The dogs haven't been on a nice long walk in weeks.

Daisy hasn't been for a nice long drive in ages (and to be honest, she could do with a wash!)

So why are the pets, families, houses, lives of library service staff being so neglected?  Well, there are just too many good books to be read and DVDs to be watched!  These are some of our favourites so far this year:
The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro
Escaping a troubled marriage in 1950’s London, Grace Munroe travels to Paris to learn more about her inheritance from the mysterious Eva D’Orsey. The story weaves between the two women from 1920’s New York to present day London and Paris. I loved the characters, the mystery of the story and the wonderfully evocative settings. It’s one of those books you’re disappointed to finish reading!

Caroline from Musselburgh

Django Unchained
I must admit when my husband told me he had a great DVD for us to watch at the weekend which he had borrowed from the library I was really looking forward to Saturday Night at the Movies until he told me it was Django. I had seen a small clip of it on TV and didn’t really think it was my type of film but it has to be one of the best films I have seen in a long time. A cross between the humour of Blazing Saddles and the blood and guts of Kill Bill with a bit of Roots in the middle. Basically it is about a negro slave called Django - bought and set free by a German bounty hunter by the name of Dr Schulz to help him identify three brothers so he can kill them and collect the bounty. They form a partnership and after collecting bounty after bounty they look for Django’s wife who was also a slave to set her free. Lots of bad people getting their just deserts! Great acting from Samuel L Jackson and Leonardo Di Caprio.
Avril from Gullane

The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grisson
The pretty cover caught my eye and Alice Walker compares it to ‘The Help’ so that had me hooked. An incredible story, fantastic characters and a wonderful insightful read. Borrow this book!
Roz and Fiona from Longniddry

The girl you left behind by Jojo Moyes
is the best book I've read so far in 2013 because it takes you on a journey through time as well as through people’s lives. Sophie lives in a French village during the 1st world war. Her husband painted a portrait of her which a German soldier admires and eventually acquires. This book tells the story of the painting and the people connected to it from wartime until the present day.
Rachel from Library Headquarters

The Land of Decoration by Grace McCleen
is the best book I’ve read so far this year because although it’s quite dark and sinister, it’s peculiarly compulsive and intriguing at the same time. Couldn’t put it down.
Sally from Library Headquarters

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers
I try to read a classic each summer. Don’t always suceed! However I have just finished this. It took me a while to get into it but then found it a bit compulsive. The characters are all dealing with situations that life throws at us and is centred round a small town in the middle of the deep south, in the 1930’s and a lonely deaf mute who draws the people of the town to him. He ends up changing their disenchanted lives in a way they never could imagine. I believe a film was made of this so I may look for it sometime.
Now reading Dan Brown – Inferno. A Florentine Di Vinci Code but a popular read for the holidays. I am nearly getting bored with it apart from the fabulous information about Florence. Everyone will want to visit now!
Claire from Haddington

The Misremembered Man by Christina McKenna

WOW! I loved this book so much. It’s a fantastic story and the author describes emotions perfectly. I’ve just discovered that the sequel is coming out in August and I can’t wait.
I’m particularly glad that I read this book now because I’d just finished reading The Lost Child of Philomena Lee by Martin Sixsmith without realising that The Misremembered Man covers the same subject matter.
Fiona from Longniddry

What are you neglecting and what's the book you're neglecting it for?

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