Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Who Else Writes Like....? - Free access

Who Else Writes Like....? is now available for the first time online and is designed to help anyone who enjoys reading fiction to expand the number of writers they read. It is designed to answer the perennial question "I've read all the books by my favourite authors, who shall I read next?"

Simply follow the links to find an author whose books you like, and see which other writers are recommended underneath.

The following information is included about each author (where known):

•Dates of birth and death
•Nationality (or place of birth) of authors who are not English
•Genre and, in some cases, subgenre, or type of novel
•A link to their own website
•Key Characters and/or Environment, Occupation
•Prizes won
•Whether their books may be suitable for young adults
•Whether they also write for children

Members of East Lothian Libraries now have full access to Who Else Writes Like....?

Simply got to the Who Else Writes Like....? website, then enter your borrower number to gain access.

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