Monday, 4 July 2011

New DVD Rental Scheme

We are launching a new DVD Rental Scheme from Monday 4th July.  Borrowers can rent a new release film for £2.50 for 2 nights, or an older film as well as TV dramas, TV series, documentaries, comedy, travel DVDs for £1.50 for a week’s rental.  Juniors can rent older films, TV Series and Dramas for £1.00 for a week. Our new release films are only available at Haddington and Musselburgh libraries for the trial period. Further information can be obtained from all local libraries.

Premium DVDs - Please note these DVDs cannot be reserved and the hire charge is £2.50 for 2 nights. Premium DVDs are currently only available in Haddington and Musselburgh libraries.

List of Premuim DVDs at Haddington Library.

List of Premium DVDs at Musselburgh Library.

Library Home Page

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